Thursday, July 20, 2006

Upcoming Handball Games - Sept 23rd & 30th and Oct 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th - Who's in? Leave a note.

There is a new sports facility just off the Belt Parkway past JFK airport that has scheduled 6 saturday night games featuring the GC team.

I have an ongoing agreement with the facility to promote handball and start new teams and leagues from the NYC/metro area. The games will be publicized and hopefuly have lots of spectators.

Trying to get a couple of international games; would settle for a couple of Canadian teams; but will probably have Condors, NYTHC and an all star kind of team......(thanks Laz for calling all those European teams...)

The dates are September 23 and 30. And October 7,14, 21, 28.

Can you guys please organize this, as far as the team is concerned?
(just show up and kick ass)
I will be taking care of all the rest.

Any questions - let me know.

If you can get a head count during Flanders, it would be appreciated.

These six dates will eventually lead to weekly international games whereby we can develop the ton of talent in our area. There is a good possibility of TV in the future, as well.

Mike - can you get this on your blog so no one can read it and respond?

Lots of work going on behind the scenes. The void created by the USTHF's demise creates a good opportunity to develop handball.


Monday, July 10, 2006

handball game wed thurs night ok to be late starts 645- 700pm

To all handball players in the area
Need some help if interested. A Professional handball team from Germany is coming to new jersey for a couple of days. Stralsunder 2nd division from bundesliga league. We are schedule to play an exhibition game against them wed and thurs night July 12-13 at new Brunswick high school in NJ. Directions are on the nj web site I would like to have players both nights.
RememberJuly 12 wed 630- 830 July 13 thurs 630-830
we will probably run late starting at 645
thanks everyone
try to make it if you can pass it along plus some great college bars in new brunswick since down the street is rutgers university

Monday, June 05, 2006

A few photo's from Laz's 75th

Hill showed up late but got his turn at the buffet anyway (who's gonna stop him?)

"I'm goin back in"!

Mike Connor (shown here with Don Johnson), was the long distance guest winner. Mustache might have changed, but the trademark laugh remains intact.

The Dr. and his lovely wife. Jerry busted that third button down after his 8th helping of meatballs washed down by his typical 12-14 diet cokes.

Harry either in the middle of telling a joke, ..... or right before the stroke.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lazslo's 75th

Mike was right the party for Laz was a success. It was announced that over $7,000 has been recieved as a start towards a Lazslo Jurak Scholarship Fund. If anyone, else would like to contribute please feel free to a check to:

The Waldorf School
Cambridge Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530
attn: Jurak

I am the Chairman of the Development Committe at the Waldorf School, therefore I am compelled to make that declaration. Don't hold it against me and please contribute generously.

I especially enjoyed the evening seeing my old teammates Mike Fex, Harry, Hillary, Jerry Marshall, Wayne Naylor, Eddie Serapede, Vinne & Preston Martindale ( from Maryland).

My Best to everyone,

Rob Haedrich

Lazlo's 75th Surprise Birthday Party

Friday night Laz was actually surprised at the Millridge Inn by a great group including a few of his (still living) friends, and a smattering of some aging handball guys. Good time was had by all... I took a few pictures and will post them in the next few days.

Long distance surprise guests included Mike Connor who flew in from Kansas for a free meal and some yucks.

More to come.....

Friday, March 10, 2006

GC Continues West Point Win Streak

GC won 5 games beating WP, NYC, NE Freeze and the 2 Canadian teams in convincing fashion. Gc never trailed in any game by more than 3 goals and in both the Canadian games came out smoking in the 2nd half to put the games away. The Gold medal game involved GC vs Chaudierre (and of course the 2 female referees) Despite playing 18 of the 50 minute game down by a man, GC put it away in convincing fashion.

Congrats to Jordi Ferrer on his MVP selection which wouldn't have been possible if Sully hadn't been red carded. While sitting on the other side of the court they asked him who had been playing good and he selected Jordi for the MVP. Of course Sully became the first player in history to get double 2 minute penalties twice in the same game. The first time was for his "tripping over the line on the way off to serve the 1st 2 minute penalty resulting in a 2nd one for bad acting. Even Jim Buehning would have given it only a two on a scale of 10). The 2nd time was for his 10 minute exit after his third 2 minute resulted in the red card. Was it the tying of the shoes or the packing of the closes or the changing of the shirt? All we know is when he went for the 2nd cup of water, she banged him for the 2nd 2 minute penalty for failing to leave the bench area. Of course all of this was in front of his wife and kids (who I will be sure to explain to them when they reach the proper age to know what happened.)

Laz was of course the great leader, staying out of the way and then going crazy the last 2 games (1 2 minute penalty in the final game). Good clean fun was had by all and I am happy to report there were no "brokeback moments" the whole weekend.

Monday, February 06, 2006

What happened in Quebec?


How about a rundown on this past weekend's tournament in Quebec?

Trivia: The last time GC went to a tournament in Quebec (super bowl weekend 1986) which of the following was not true?:

A. A certain GC circle runner offended a room full of women's handball teams while performing a striptease to Springsteen's "Born in the USA" just before being detained by Quebec's finest.

B. A certain centerback nearly froze to death after passing out in a car in sub-zero temperatures (only to be retrieved by his teammates at the urging of some local residents).

C. The GC Team nearly came to blows (literally) with a women's ice hockey team in the hotel.

D. Laszlo played the entire tournament at age (I'm guessing) 48 and was crippled for two weeks afterward.

E. Divine was potty trained.

Carolina Blue Cup


Give us an updated Roster.

Could Use Some HELP here!!

Harry -

Would you send out an email to the numbnuts that either can't figure out how to sign up for this, or are just too fricken lazy! I sent the same notice I sent to you and everybody else, so following the directions can't be THAT hard! Shit look at the boces bus of participants already! Even Pete's on, and he has a hard time finding the front door!

Anyway - work your magic with an email, and if necessary I can send out another "invitation" for this thing if people erased it, etc.



Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pan Am Games Discussion - NYAC team ?

Message from Pete -

"Since the USTHF and handball, in general, is in chaos, we discussed the possibility of the NYAC North American Championship team to represent the US in the Pan Am Games in April - in RIO.

If the team is interested, the concept could be brought to the USOC (via Mike Cav, who has allegedly been hired by the USOC to run the NT programs.) Money could be raised for those not capable of paying for their own flight.

So far, after my email, there have been no responses. I DID ask Fitzy about the ignorance and apathy by the team and he just said he doesn't know and doesn't care....

At this stage, I have been trying to move the sport forward. This would require a lot of work quickly, so the team needs to agree on an up or down committment."

Open Discussion boys....Your comments ??? -MF

January 18, 2006 9:17 AM